ISLR Section 5.4

  • 2 (a-f), and calculate \(e^{-1}\) to a few decimal places for comparison
  • 3

ISLR Section 6.6

  • 2
  • 5


The remaining exercises are option and will not be graded.

Mathematics practice

  • Can resampling methods be useful for addressing OOD generalization? If not, then why? If so, then how?

  • Write out the objective function of the lasso for the case of linear regression with one predictor variable. Use calculus to find an expression for the solution (hint: you may need to consider cases)

Applied practice

  • ISLR Section 5.4, problem 8

  • ISLR Section 6.6, problem 9 (a-d)

  • ISLR Section 7.9, problem 9 (a-c)